• "The doubters said it was faked!"
  • "The failures said it was photoshoped!"
  • "The internet warriors said the results were impossible!"
  • "10kg (22lbs) of muscle gained & 8kg (17lbs) of fat lost in less than 3 months!"
  • We say - "Open your eyes & learn what can be done in just 12 weeks if you follow Nick Mitchell's Plan...& are man enough to have some discipline & mental fortitude"

March 2012:

Joe at Week 1, not looking like a natural gym goer!

Joe at Week 1, not looking like a natural gym goer!

After the famous Glenn Parker 15 week transformation Nick Mitchell took on his biggest challenge to date – how to turn “ordinary Joe” into a bona fide magazine cover model in a mere 12 weeks. He knew his reputation would be on the line as the client was Joe Warner, Deputy Editor of Men’s Fitness magazine, who would track all his results in Men’s Fitness Online and the whole world would be able to judge the performance. There would be nowhere to hide.

There are shortcuts to success, but the road is not an easy one!!

There are shortcuts to success, but the road is not an easy one!

Nick was scared.

Joe Warner was not the perfect blank canvas. He had been weight training (unsuccessfully) for all his adult life and was best suited to running marathons, not building muscle. A willowy ectomorph with a skinny fat body, a constant sleep deficit, a very stressful and deadline driven job, and a natural born worrier with a penchant for curry and beer this was no slam dunk. Nick needed to be convinced, not least because Joe had been coming to him for advice for several years and never managed to get past second gear.

Nick knew it could be done and great things achieved, but with the world watching he needed to devise a fool proof plan that was simple, if not easy, to follow and would work around Joe’s busy schedule and limited financial budget. He also told Joe that he needed to be serious and committed, otherwise he was wasting everyone’s time. And so the journey began...

May 2012:

Nick putting Joe through his paces

Nick putting Joe through his paces

When he started no one but Nick Mitchell thought Joe could do it. Not even Joe at first, but as the weeks went by and the world around him started to respond to his brand new body he gained confidence, belief and pushed even harder to be in a position to get on the cover of the magazine. This wasn’t a promised cover shot opportunity – the truth is that the 12 week transformation was initially intended to be only an online piece and not even featured in the magazine proper, let alone the publishers taking the big risk of putting an amateur on the cover of one of the biggest fitness magazines in the world!

The result needed to be massive, and Joe needed to look amazing – nothing else would do. All the work that Joe and Nick put in was geared towards creating that cover model look of a tight, defined and muscular body with a six-pack, and noticeable muscular development across Joe’s arms, deltoids, and chest. When Joe finally revealed his new look to his colleagues at Men’s Fitness jaws dropped all round!

How Joe Did It & How You Can Do It Too!

By Week 11 those genetics 'miraculously' look to be much better!

By Week 11 those genetics "miraculously" look to be much better!

Nick created a periodised exercise, nutritional, and supplementation program that spelled out step by step what he needed to do. “All” that was needed after this was a liberal dose of blood, sweat and determination!

Now for the first time ever, in the new book “12 Week Body Plan”, Nick Mitchell reveals the exact workouts and diet that Joe Warner followed to transform himself from skinny fat geek to genuine cover model. You will be able to follow every fully illustrated and explained exercise, every repetition and set plan, each rest interval, and even the tempo of every rep of every set of every workout. Nothing is left to the imagination.

What a difference 10 weeks can make!

What a difference 10 weeks can make!

Joe’s fat loss and muscle building diet is explained in detail. More than this you get to learn the secrets of carb cycling for fat loss and how it can be applied to your own unique needs no matter how different a starting point from Joe that you might have.

You will learn Nick’s favorite supplements for body composition, health and fat loss, as well as seeing Joe’s exact, and very inexpensive, supplement protocols.

And finally you will also get an insider’s view on some of the secrets of how to peak for your big day – be it a photo shoot, a wedding, or just a day at the beach!

The Final Result - would you be pleased with this?!

The Final Result - would you be pleased with this?!